How the hell do you get into this room for rent?

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Nobody ever claimed London’s rental market was reasonable, but you can usually bank on getting a door to your room at least.

There aren’t any guarantees with this one, which has left potential tenants confused.

The entrance seems to be through a wardrobe (and anything could happen once you go through one of those).

Here’s the wardrobe and desk (Picture: SpareRoom/Triangle)
And here’s the bed. So where’s the door? (Picture: SpareRoom/Triangle)

Someone advertised it on SpareRoom, describing it as a ‘Cosy Bright Double Room’.

It looks alright, aside from the entrance issue. Are you meant to get in through the window, or just wheel the wardrobe back and forth each time you open the door?

It has drawn comparisons to Narnia, with one woman joking on Twitter that it reminded her of the CS Lewis children’s’ book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Becky Brynolf quipped: ‘£145 a week to lodge with Mr Tumnus.’

She shared the ad, and captioned the post: ‘Please look at these pictures and tell me the window – OR THE WARDROBE – isn’t the only way to get in or out of this room #renting #london.’

Erin replied: ‘The wardrobe is on wheels. So you simple roll it towards the bed and squeeze through. Easy peasy!’

Yeah, no problem…

The room in Whitechapel, east London was advertised for £572 per month with a deposit of £620.

The listing has now been deleted.

In its description, the agent had written: ‘The room itself is massive yet warm and cosy, with an amazing view and lots of natural light!

‘Plenty of storage, it comes with a single bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers.’

The tenant would be sharing the flat with two women and one man, all in their 20s.

There is no living room or garden but the property does come furnished and have broadband, according to the advert.

A series of other hilarious comments were posted on Twitter.

Ben James posted: ‘Is this an escape room?’

Lucy Cohen added: ‘Valiant attempt by the estate agent to use a wide angle lens.’

Dan replied: ‘I think the hat on the wall is a nice touch too. See? A wardrobe AND a coat hook. If anything, you’ll have too much storage space.’

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